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 Madness Returns, Take Two!

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Madness the Hedgefox

Madness the Hedgefox

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Madness Returns, Take Two! Empty
PostSubject: Madness Returns, Take Two!   Madness Returns, Take Two! EmptyFri Dec 29, 2017 9:03 pm

*steps up, preps script, then throws it to the side* BUENOS NOCHES! *badum, tssss... Cricket sounds* ...No?

First of all. Is anyone in the UK missing any mail? Actually, scrap that, I forgot that everyone except AK lives in the states. Hahah. XD So I should probably explain my disappearance. Again. But first, I needa make two points.

1. Dont expect 'Robin' back just because I am. In fact, don't expect 'Robin' back. Ever.
2. All of my characters are now free for relationships.

I saw an advert for TUI on Twitter while typing this up, 'it's been another great year for TUI', yeah so great that you changed your name in the middle of the year! Pffff! Anywhere where was I? Oh yeah. Uh...

Myself and 'Robin' 's writer are now split. Done. Kaputski. ... She was the problem. Alt being with Andrea, and Madoka having a thing with Louis as she originally did. Robin's writer was difficult over the fact that these existed (Louis you might already be familiar with this thanks to the Torch Zone ages ago), and things were only gonna go downhill from there.

With Robin's writer now gone though (and possibly even abandoning her Sonic characters altogether), I can reincorporate these elements and actually be here, on this forum, without getting scolded. again.

*beep* me, I've got some catching up to do. Can I just ask one thing of everyone?

Please don't control my characters. I know you guys are cool with controlling each other's and I'm gonna be the oddball in this. But... How do I put this? I have a hard time trusting, and will have said hard time for a while at least, plus, me being the only one that controls my characters, is kinda what I'm used to. I'm also used to the art of an opponent taking a shot and I choose whether it hits, however I will overlook this and allow it to continue as it currently does, as a compromise for my above, hopeful request. If you need to, like, pick one of them up, or something, run it by me. General exception to the partner of a character if any of those form here. Once we both have a ship agreed of course.

This turned into a reeeeal rant. ... Vibes / Veronica, Wondervixen / Sally, and JM's Main playing Uno, anyone? Laughing Thanks for letting me get it off my chest! Hope everyone else has been well. Hopefully i'll be here longer this time.
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Madness Returns, Take Two! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Madness Returns, Take Two!   Madness Returns, Take Two! EmptySat Dec 30, 2017 1:32 am

OK, that does make RPing difficult as we expect a story to go somewhere and it can be necessary. But I will try as much as possible and you can always message me if there is anything you are unsure/not comfortable with.
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Madness Returns, Take Two!
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