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 J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool

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PostSubject: J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool   J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool EmptyFri May 06, 2016 9:45 am

So you're probably wonder where I've been when it comes to this forum. The answer is simple my friends.......


As of typing this, going on the last week of finals. If you're reading this after the 12th of May then I'm back.

With that said, Let's talk DEADPOOL!

J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool 38876_112

Now I'm pretty sure we all know who Deadpool is at this point. The mercenary who doesn't give a flying f*yay* about who lives or dies, while spouting out the occasional one liner or 4th wall break that he's well known for. He's very self aware and we love him for that. Now that's all fine and dandy but personally I feel that while Deadpool is interesting enough to talk about, given he's a fictional character who knows he's a fictional character, I feel that I can't discuss him here....mostly because what I could say has already been said at some point. But recently.......I came across another.

So imagine this........"Gwen Deadpool"........

J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool Uclwwpkmdtn48a7e2ogx

Well that's incredibly what we got. This my friends is Marvel's latest breakout heroine "Gwenpool". Now before you label her as "another Deadpool" I feel as though I should talk a bit about her history because...when it comes to how she was created, Gwenpool has an interesting history.

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You see back in 2015 Marvel created an interesting take on the Spider-Woman character which started in the "Spider-Verse" event. The idea behind this take was that Gwen Stacy was not only alive, but now she was the web slinging heroine known as "Spider Gwen".  As a result of her popularity she not only got her own series of Comics, but around that time a series of variant covers for other books were being made, which I personally have dubbed "The Marvel Gwenimatic Universe". These covers acted as small "what if's" that depicted Gwen Stacy as other Marvel heroes, such as Iron Man, The Hulk...I even found one that depicted her as Groot. Anyways, one of the covers depicted her as a pink and white variant of Deadpool; nothing too major right?.....Well surprisingly this little cover character suddenly blew up in popularity, mostly in cosplay scene. Because of this she was given several appearances in actual Marvel titles. Her first actual appearance being a 3 part backup story in the pages of the new "Howard The Duck" comic that gave her some character and backstory. She was then featured in "Gwenpool Special #1" which was a Christmas-themed anthology starring Gwenpool and other marvel superheroes. Now in 2016 she has her own on-going series of comics starting with the very first issue first released on April 13 2016.

J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool The-Unbelievable-Gwenpool-1-Cover-d6424

Amazing, I know. Now some could label her as "a Deadpool" clone, but what makes her interesting is, surprisingly her origin story. You see this isn't exactly Gwen Stacy but rather an alternate version known as "Gwen Poole" (I'm not joking that's actually her name). Now like Deadpool, she's also self aware that she's in a fictional world but unlike Deadpool there's a reason as to how she knows. Deadpool mostly does it because.....well he can. Gwenpool is a different story. The story is that Gwen wasn't mutated, or given a healing factor like our favorite merc with a mouth, instead she's a regular teenage girl, with no superpowers. And why is that? Because my friends, she's actually from the wondrous realm known simply as "REALITY".

Yeah. In Gwen's world, the Marvel universe only exists in Comics; no Iron Man flying around, No Spider Man swinging from buildings, they're all just fiction. That is until one day, Gwen gets sucked into the "real" Marvel universe and seeing as how the extras tend to get hurt or killed even, she takes up the mantle of "Deadpool" and becomes a superhero...doing just as good a job as the actual Deadpool. What I like about this is that, story is somewhat familiar. It's the classic "real world meets fiction" kind of story we're used to, hell the inverse of "real world person enters fictional world" has also been done, but there's just something about this that I find more enjoyable than other stories that did that. On top of that Gwenpool is a fun and charming character. The thing about her is that we know she's in the Marvel universe now, we know the danger for her is real now, but she doesn't completely believe that. In a clever twist she doesn't take the hero role seriously, I mean once and awhile she does but for most of the time she thinks she's living in a make believe world where whenever you kill someone, he or she could come back to life in about several years or so, or where multiple universes can suddenly collide with each other to make an epic battle or where a relationship could be written out by making deals with the devil (yes I went there.) and because she's from the real world, our world, I feel like whenever she makes a reference to something related to the Marvel Comics or games or films, I actually get a genuine chuckle because.....and this may sound weird, I can actually relate to how she's thinking.

On top of that while not a lot is known about her past as of now, she still has a lot of interesting abilities. As a hero with no powers she has to rely on weaponry, specifically the arsenal of Deadpool, so when she has to learn to fight she's an incredibly fast learner. There's a bit in the Gwenpool special where she not only learns to sword fight but how to make a BOMB and succeeds....and all of that just by looking it up on her phone. And while she has no other powers and abilities, seeing as how she's from the real world she also possesses a vast knowledge of the Marvel universe and its characters which comes in handy in combat. Another aspect I enjoy.

J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool JICO_D9pyFx1EDZzBLS8JouMCuBNBLOK7zXVyd-I6mocgLHmYKE7CrzGW-E_w8zlKM4CBci0w-h1lVv78Sk51XWYqs8C__5Wed_PSPhyGpLNJTp0imn1ew-udKuzIlv0lY-irIe4mZmqjBDY1DQS3G99dIsiL_-pLZ5H4YxfOL7mjv-7bNvCt_xBRaL0Ps-C3pgwwrhA4_E5g9LpNTVI6eNtUC-y01rZ2VRkFUFeU2HnHzdzhDaaLQwJGstkOJE2e2_-ow9CQ-ZDQXiIcmafeRckqC0CA1ATN2QBii70N4xak5SQTsxyqavzWcGZ1OzkkfWEK6ftnsGJ8iRf7ZNekVCz2a1FUuKAJqmep4gHOFDKbfF5zFBFIeqGl7E_uCKo7aonFtVOwVxfPHwwXA_APV_SNoL4j3Adg_K-882GA__-6CUAw5LTY0N8stVIuSY9GOFZQw3ydk5EttEBZYgJRWf3BnQMeroiRGXSUGCVIS62EqGDR0zdivbWBKJE6KRDbIheGmPzCIi0vOcZwySNYRrw84KT_Xj_tca9bWpTAmfatyaX9GInu7sYKzXpXy3D6ANPPzDnscGiiT-XRN-mAFu4M4gIwnw=w379-h286-no

Honestly guys, you can call her "Another Deadpool" or "Lady Deadpool 2" for all I care but in all honesty....I kind of like Gwenpool a bit more than the real deal. Not to say I don't like the original, I mean if I didn't then I wouldn't have seen the movie, but it's this origin and this kind of character that really makes me appreciate the fact that Gwenpool is now a thing. It's like how people scoffed at Disney and Square for making Kingdom Hearts; "It's two things that shouldn't go together but in the end became pretty popular." That's the same shtick with Gwen here. It's a girl who's been dead for...god knows how long, combined with the most off the wall and crazed mercenaries in Marvel history......and it surprisingly works! I really do recommend checking out the stories she's in and at the very least, Issue 1 of her new series. (or read it online if you're "that" kind of guy).

This has been your buddy John saying: "Marvel...maybe sometime in the future we can have a Gwenpool movie?.....Maybe?"
J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool Gwen_pool_pizza_by_artistabe-d9ky2rt
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J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool Empty
PostSubject: Re: J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool   J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool EmptyFri May 06, 2016 11:23 am

Awesome stuff John- My personal recommendation for the next one is to check out Reeves and Mortimer, a comedy duo who were a big influence on me and something a bit different!
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J's Showcase of Odd and Interesting - Gwenpool
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