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 Dingo Lass

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PostSubject: Dingo Lass   Dingo Lass EmptySat Jan 23, 2016 7:03 pm

Dingo Lass 1422773996.julio_dingo_lass

name: Dingo lass

Alias: Rena Vixane

height/weight: Depending on mood.

Age: A girl never tells.


"OH RIGHT that's my story! Well I began when I was A WEEEE little concept back with greyofpta inspiring my artist friend jam here and-OH i'm getting out of sorts here!"

"The name's DingoLass. I came around when I was born from Rena's little subconscious here! Anytime she dons the purple eyemask, I come around! It's a complete switch of image and identity here! But I will say, it's a big blast when it happens~."

"It all started when the little fanboys, my brothers, wanted to make a mask for Rena that helped her see things the way they do. But who know that Fanboy dingo fur was a level 4 biohazard. When the mask malfunctioned, it turned her into me~!!!! I always LOVE SEEING PEOPLE GET OH SO LOVELY AND ROUND A LOT! I even do it to myself when I'm down in the dumps and need a squishy squeaky pick-me-up."

"Unlike Rena here, I can do more than she can! Lemme write the abilities thingie~"


"What I can do is really the same as her. She has the ability of that air palm thing where she can blow others up with the right touches. Me, I do it without all the prep work and what not! I can even do things that you only see in cartoons! That means I'm rather indestructible, since this whole Reynard thing is like one big running darkwing duck wannabe comic, and that makes my indestructibility part of the comedic effect at times!"

"I'm also toonistically elastic, which adds to the whole indestructible toon fun of it! Meaning I can contort various ways when need be! Careful, I tend to be 'contents under pressure' sometimes~ *WINK*"

"But my biggest fun, my pride and joy, my lovely asset has to be MY LOVELY WONDERFUL GADGETS! I got air pumps, air tanks, Air darts, My trusty ballooning bagpipe I name ANGUS!, a couple of rubbery hoses, some sticky rubbery putty, a couple of rubberizing spray cans, special intoxicating perfumes, a couple of easy to inflate capsules, a BIG INFLATABLE RAFT, LOTS OF FIZZY LIQUIDS AND DRINKS, AND THE OH SO WONDERFUL 3 COURSE DINNER BLUEBERRY GUM - OH GOD I CAN'T EVEN DECIDE WHERE TO BEGIN LOLOLOL~!!!"

"But anyway...I can also see into peoples pleasures and loving interests... and even their deep inflatable desires... and I love to turn that on them and make them into inflation loving fools with it if I can! BUT!!!! I only do that to those who actually DESERVE to learn of their inner desires and help embrace it! I'M A HEROINE OF INFLATIONISTS ya know! ... even if they tend to love being victims sometimes EHHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. So I tend to go back and forth with the whole 'am i a heroine or a villain' kinda thing~. But I love being a target for villains actions, as well as draw their attention away from those who need saving! Besides, with a bullseye THIS BIG, what villain can resist AN EASY TARGET?!"


"Don't mind me! Just a fun loving inflation and WG addict with a rather dopey way of looking at things! My head's WAY too crazy to really make sense of and I don't really remember being under hypnosis for long either cause of it! But don't worry. I tend to suppliment it with some rather nice NC17 ideas and loving delicious adultery!"

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PostSubject: Re: Dingo Lass   Dingo Lass EmptySat Jan 23, 2016 7:08 pm

Whoa...that was...well a lot to take in! Welcome on board!
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Dingo Lass
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