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 Rena Vixane

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Rena Vixane Rena_under_flash_by_juliomartell-d9op6g6

Name: Rena Vixane

Age: 18

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140

Occupation: Cooking, dancing, traveling around, and expansion oriented interests.


Sweet and caring, she has a warm welcoming attitude of life itself. She dislikes violence unless necessary, as well as adores interaction with people around her. Often times she can be too personal with some things, but learns how to handle herself well enough. She is self sufficient with herself, very open minded, and is often easy to impress at times. But with how far she's traveled, where she's been, and what she's done, she finds surprises very hard to come by if she can imagine how it would go.


Born into a rather robust family of kitsune, Rena was treated and dotted on quite well. Her growing desires had often been around the overly weighted, or often oversized, female and male figures that came and went in her life. With her family growing, she saw her life soon revolve around a corporation that was based on indulging in these inflation and weighted pleasures.

She worked hard with studying on new ways of causing weight or swelling, but had always wanted to explore beyond such a world of ironically limiting walls. Her travels away had taken her towards the furthest of asia, learning vast culinary delights and balance, and the deep and religious lands of egypt, taking up dancing and aerobics in her life.

It wasn't long until she came into meeting others in her life, learning from those ways, and growing as a person. She lived with her brother, Jam, where their home was often riddled with dingos called fanboys, as well as bulging amazon sized wolfesses.

Another such interaction was with memory of having studied under special masters. These masters, coincidentally, have usually been Pandas. One such panda had no name, but taught her about the air of the universe and the valve within, akin to the ideals of the inner eye and chakra. With it, she learned how to expand herself with the gasses of the universe, the airs of wisdom and knowledge, and the breath of inner peace and balance. Another master, who was often a traveling drunk, had taught her the basics of hand to hand and the art of transfering your inner ki through your technique.

With both, she learned how to create her own unique style from those two methods alone. But one other tuitor, a friend named Veronica, had taught her about a special art involving the art of yoga and self breathing inflation. In doing so, she learned how to use her flexibility and her inner inflating to grow parts of herself, and even fill herself with weight or other substances.

But in doing so, it incorporated into her unique style of protection. Her style was known as EaPamu (Way of Air Palm). It lets her use the inner valve and ki transferrance to inflate parts of the person, or all of the person, with the right technique.

But this didn't stop there. On her many travels, she ran into a bat girl named Becky bat. Her abilities with the brush and her toonish nature was what attracted her to the young girl. When the two managed to be on friendly terms, their fun together would go beyond bounds.  It wasn't until Becky one day mentions about Reynard city, the famous AK girl and wonder vixen, and gave rena the temptation she needed to go out and see the city herself.

However, she didn't go without a special gift from the fanboy dingoes, after having nursed one of them to health from an accident long ago at a gym. This being a special eye mask that lets her see the capacity of inflation. This gives her vision that lets her see how the fanboys see others around them. But...this mask holds other surprises to it.


Her abilities are quite unique in their own right. She has a flexible body, changing diet, and a very caring ability of understanding others around her. She can also be socially tricky, often using her knowledge of tropes and story events to compare to real life. In doing so, she can know how to talk others into different actions, or help them see reason where reasoning, or common sense, would be lacking.

But her physical abilities are around belly dancing and cooking, creating great culinary arts and mesmerizing others with hypnotic belly dancing motions.

Her most biggest, and often most craziest, abilities are two.

Her air palm technique - which lets her channel the inner gasses of the universe to create various inflation effects on others, and her gifted Eye mask.

The eye mask itself...deserves its OWN profile...
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Rena Vixane
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