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 Patreon feedback request

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Patreon feedback request Empty
PostSubject: Patreon feedback request   Patreon feedback request EmptySun Dec 29, 2019 8:02 am

With regard to the Patreon, I want to make sure this works best for everyone. I am super grateful to everyone, but want to look at ways we can make it better. Feedback is appreciated, but this is what I have planned-
$1 tier- No changes planned, you will still get a weekly video, plus the additional behind the scenes.
$5 tier- No changes planned, but want to emphasise what you get. This includes your own icon pic, plus priority for artwork requests.
$10 tier- I am going to ask for feedback here and in private (in case people don't want to make comments in public). At present we do monthly posted gifts as part of this, however the postage is quite expensive. Would you be prepared to have bi-monthly gifts but get better quality? As with the $5 you also get priority for art requests.
Sponsorship tier- I am planning to remove this as there has been no take up.
$20 tier- The custom boxes we got from Minuteman Press look great, so I am planning on making this the $20 tier. As with the $10 this may be bi-monthly but the trade-off would be getting more from it, on top of additional benefits (see above.)
Once again thank you to everyone who supports us, this project means everything and I hope to deliver more in 2020.
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Patreon feedback request
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