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 Frame Job

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PostSubject: Re: Frame Job   Frame    Job - Page 6 EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 3:18 pm

*The other heroes have all transformed. Carmy's body has become a giant marshmallow and Penny's body has become a jelly-like substance*

Carmy: I can't go back to Interpol looking like THIS!

Penny: And I can't use gadgets to get us back to normal!

*General Van and Copycat laugh*

General Van: Oh this is so delightful. You will watch as we take over, you will be accused
of being complicit and we have the tools to make this easy!

Copycat: Yeah so suck it losers!

*They all watch as General Van and Copycat jet off*

Vibes: This is really, really bad.

Sal: As soon as we get our bodies back to normal we need to get to Anty and Rotecol.

Carmy: But what about General Van and Copycat?

Sal: Good point. Looks like we're in a lose lose situation!

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Frame Job
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