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 Stories by jm0364

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PostSubject: Stories by jm0364   Stories by jm0364 EmptySat Apr 28, 2012 4:10 pm

Figured i'd share some of my own Fan Fics to get this Category Started. Starting with one of my Favorites.

BACKSTORY: In the Sonic Archie Comics, Sonic's Evil Twin is known as Scourge the hedgehog, An Evil Sonic who wants nothing more than to rule the multiverse.


In The Reynard City Formspring RP, Scourge and his girlfriend Fiona fox are potrayed as heroes. Helping Vibes and the others protect the city from Megafox's forces. This particular tale show's Scourge Performing his own version of Daffy's Rhapsody at the local theater. But his Performance is going to get an interuption by a girl who specializes in Caramel.

Scourge’s Rhapsody

(Scourge c. Archie Comics

Based on Daffy’s Rhapsody by Looney Tunes)

Reynard City Theater-10:00 P.M

*A woman walks inside of the theater, wearing a trench coat, hat and sunglasses, but she’s looking around all suspicious*

Woman: *takes off her glasses, revealing herself to be Caramel Girl; who has just busted out of jail* Well at least with this disguise I can finally have a night off. *takes her seat before the show starts* I needed this break….

*the music starts…..*

???: *singing* Greetings!

*a spotlight shines on a male green hedgehog, with a black leather jacket and red sunglasses on stage*

My name is Scour-ge

CG: *sees Scourge* Him!?

Scourge: *singing* There’s no hedgehog like me

Because I’m so crazy

And the reason I’m crazy

And extremely hazy

And so screwy and shazey

Is because those villains won’t leave me alone

CG: Oh man, nabbing the hedgehog out in the open. Risky but it’ll be worth it! *pulls out her Caramel Blaster and snickers*

Scourge: Oh…

*pictures of AK, Ratchet, Sly and Sonic unwrap behind him*

…why don’t they chase some other heroes for a change?


CG: *sneaks up before getting blocked by a giant cardboard firing range*

…that I won’t end up on a giant shooting range

But no….

*throws a target at CG unknowingly, nailing her on the head*

…this city is their goal and they won’t let me be.

*is lifted by a rope as confetti falls*

And I’m so full of stories,that you’d have to look and see….*lands on a new set filled with giant books….one of which CG emerges from*

CG: Oh I’m lookin alright! *aims her blaster at Scourge*

Scourge: *finally notices Caramel Girl, and slams the cover shut* *singing*


*CG opens a flap and aims her gun, but Scourge redirects it at the last second as she fires*

…so much I’d like to do if I just had the chance.

*forces her blaster towards her*

I’d like….

CG: *redirects her blaster at him*

Scourge: *starts dancing with her*

…to play and romp and even sing and do a dance.

*The two of them each holding a part of her blaster smile at the audience, while Scourge pulls the trigger on his half and shoots off her hat, exposing her*

Scourge: *continues to sing, pulls out a book*

I would read the latest book…

*hits her with it*

Go swimming in the babbling brook

I’d like to fly the seven seas

Play hide and seek among the trees

CG: *chases Scourge across the stage, firing rounds at him*

…I’d play hop scotch and double dutch

And this and that and things and such

CG: *shoots at Scourge*

Scourge: *dodges both shots watches the rope snap and drop equipment on her*

I know that isn’t asking much

But all these things I daresn’t touch

*grabs another rope and is flung into the air*

It’s bang! bang! here, and bang! bang! there

*lands on a cardboard cloud*

Bullets flying everywhere

I can’t stand it any longer…

CG: *lands next to him*

…I get weak and they get stronger

Villains to the right of me

Villains to the left I see

Over hill and over dale…


Scourge: …Bullets whizzing past my tail

There’s no rest and there’s no peace

Won’t this plotting ever cease…

*hops on to a cardboard Sun/Moon*

….Morning, noon, and through the night

That’s why I look such a fright

CG: *blasts the cardboard Moon on cue*

Scourge: BANG! BANG! BANG!

I’m only sixteen yards ahead


CG: *aims at Scourge…*

…They’re shooting straight at me

Scourge: *redirects the shot and starts dancing with her again*


They won’t let up until I’m dead


Why can’t they let me be!?

CG: *gets shot with more confetti*

Scourge: *pushes CG aside*

Why do they want me, per say?

Why not a “batman” in a cave?

Or Plumbers that have lot to do

Or hedgehogs that are fast and blue!?

Heroes followed by a cult

Kids that turn into adults

Alien hunters, brave women

Teenagers with “Poke-Men”

Robots, Otsels, blobs of goo

Lombax’s from dusk till noon

Fox and Birds with feathers blue

Raccoons, Turtles, Hippos too!

WACKY! It’s really wacky!

Those villains think that they can get it done

With magic, machines, plots and guns…

CG: AH-HA!! *fires*

Scourge: *ducks and runs*

…Crazy! They got me hazy…

CG: RODENT!!!!! *fires like crazy*

…With all that rootin’-flootin’-hootin’-tootin’-high-falootin’ noisy shootin’

*climbs the stage ladder to get away*

Closer! They’re gettin’ closer

With shot-guns, pistols, bows and arrows, riffles,

Knives, and other deadly trifles

*the ladder falls…*

Scram now! Cause they’re suprisers…

*…and he lands on CG’s shoulders, covering her eyes*

CG: HEY!!! *firing blindly*

…You’re nut’s to think that I’d end up

On top of Mega-Fox’s Mechanizer

Sooooo….*hops off and slides near the edge*


CG: FINALY!!! *aims but then gets crushed under the Set that she shot numerous times*


Scourge: *speaking* So long now!

Audience: *claps and cheers while Scourge takes a bow*

Scourge: *to the fallen Caramel Girl* By the way CG, You might not have noticed, but the chief of police was in the audience too and he absolutely LOVED your performance. So he wants you to preform for him…IN JAIL!

CG: *looks up at him* I hate you so much right now. Not as much as AK but you’re up there….Mind you, for an irritant you do put on a good show.

Scourge: *chuckles as the audience cheers some more*
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Stories by jm0364
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