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 Roleplay tips and suggestions

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PostSubject: Roleplay tips and suggestions   Sun May 21, 2017 8:46 am

OK this is not to have a go at anyone but a few basic tips here for the RPs, feel free to add your own.

1. Read the comic or at least watch the intro video/one or two of the videos on Youtube. It will make interacting with our characters a bit easier.

2. Check the RP idea forum and read what the idea is about. It's not always easy but try to stay consistent.

3. Try to intro one character at a time in a story.

4. Anything in brackets () is usually an Out of character (OOC request).

5. If you're not sure, message the people involved before posting.

6. Improv rules- Build on what someone has posted before, don't block them ie "No not doing that" unless it's important to the story.

7. Story rules- Don't bring in the thing that solves everything in too soon, allow for a bit of buildup

And for now that's it. Don't want to have a go because I love the passion on here and you guys are great but I hope this helps!
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Roleplay tips and suggestions
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