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 Why we had to put the cartoon on hold

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PostSubject: Why we had to put the cartoon on hold   Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:44 pm

You may have noticed I've put the cartoon under "proposed projects". There is a reason for this-

Basically we have had problems keeping in contact with people on this and to be honest it was hard to maintain it when people didn't get in touch and when they did there was always a reason why things weren't happening.

Don't get me wrong animation is a big commitment but this is something we worked on for years without it quite coming off.

I also received contact from someone who claimed to be connected with Cartoon Network who wanted to represent us. Unfortunately they were not willing to sign an agreement and therefore we had to continue without them.

One thing people suggested was contacting a local college. Unfortunately they will not put out adverts unless you can offer full time work, something we're not in the position to do at the moment.

The cartoon is still my ultimate ambition and I would love to one day see it fulfilled. However in the meantime the focus is on relaunching the comic and I am determined to get this right.
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Why we had to put the cartoon on hold
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